Participant Testimonials

You guys are absolutely amazing. I was dreading returning back to school virtually, because building community and relationships in the classroom is the most important thing to me, and I truly felt I wouldn't be able to do this. After your training, I think its totally possible and will be a blast for myself, my co-teacher and the kiddos! I can't wait. Seriously, this was one of the best trainings ever! You guys Rock!


I just want to thank you ladies so much, this is my first year teaching and attending this workshop made me feel as if I could actually do this.


This was such an amazing workshop, learned so lot but mostly thank YOU for creating them and providing them for us new teachers to refer back on and start planning. You have made our journey a bit easier and I can't thank you enough for that. :) THANK YOU BOTH!


Amazing resources to use directly in our class to build virtual community! Truly transformative and highly recommend for ALL teachers. I want to advocate and support these amazing educators so we can have this training and more from these ladies again


Your energy and positivity were contagious and just what we all need!! Remind me of a favorite artist - Kelley Rae Roberts. Y'all are what she calls possibilitarians. THANK YOU!!!!


Everything was well organized, interactive, and extremely useful! Yall were also very easy to follow and keep up with on Zoom (Not an easy task). Please have your Zoom coaching sessions Soon. Thank you for going above and beyond and sharing your dedicated work with us!


Your virtual schedule amazing, the is what impressed me, you not only gave us the theories, talked about how it works, but you showed us!!! How it is actually done through zoom!!! I feel super positive now that l have a guideline .... not just a print one but an actual one. Could you have more trainings? I really want to keep it up! Thank you for the ideas and classroom management tips.


I really appreciate all the resources you provided! Definitely going to use these in the classroom. I also like all the tips on how to manage behavior during zoom.


Thank you for the plans; can't wait to look at them. Pressure has been removed!


Thank you so much for all of this. I really enjoyed it! It was very organized and easy to follow along with.


Thank you so much for an unbelievable amount of resources and examples to help us visualize this overwhelming concept!