Parent Testimonials

You SAVED our summer! ____ enjoyed your virtual camps more than I had expected, she was so engaged with all the activities and looked forward to it daily. She even got her uncle to read one of the books during a week of camp so they could talk about it! Never has that happened! The last couple of weeks in April and May were extremely hard; I saw my energetic, driven, happy 10 year change into a frustrated and upset kid. If the school district wants feedback or support with how to properly role out virtual learning then you two need to be in charge of that! I know that not all activities, supplies can be done but the level of engagement and flow of learning during the day was incredible. It was never overwhelming and she was also excited to recap the day/week of what she did and learned. I am so thankful for you both!

 If I were to email someone at the district level, who would that be? This model needs to be brought to schools this fall! 

These are weird times we are all living in, please know you impacted my daughter more than you will ever know! And me!

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